Advent-of-Code-2016.gitAdvent of Code answers for 2016 4 months
Advent-of-Code-2017.gitAdvent of Code answers for 2017 4 months
Advent-of-Code-2018.gitAdvent of Code answers for 2018 4 months
Advent-of-Code-2019.gitAdvent of Code answers for 2019 4 months
Advent-of-Code-2020.gitAdvent of Code answers for 2020
Advent-of-Code-2021.gitAdvent of Code answers for 2021
AdventOfCode2022.gitAdvent of Code answers for 2022
AdventOfCode2023.gitAdvent of Code answers for 2023
AdventofCode.gitAdvent of Code answers for 2015 4 months
Annun.gitMQTT driven Annunciator panels
Byteclick.gitThe Byteclick game 4 months
DRuM.gitDocker Ruby Manager 3 months
Enabler.gitI am the Enabler! 4 months
Erlang-Euler.gitMy solutions to project Euler, written mostly in Erlang. 4 months
FISh-Configs.gitMy FISh config 4 months
FlashingLightPrize2017.gitMy entry for the Flashing Light Prize 2017 4 months
HueLoveMe.gitA shameless clone of I Love Hue 7 weeks
InADiceAge.gitEclipse Phase dice-rolling Discord Bot
KeyboardDefence.gitKeyboard Defence Game 4 months
Markov.gitRuby Markov Chain Generator 4 months
Monopoly.gitMonopoly landing statistics 4 months
NewBAPS.gitNew URY BAPS replacement
Particle.gitJust a simple physics simulator. 4 months
RegexBuilder.gitAn incomplete Ruby DSL for writing Regexps. 4 months
SimpleCrypt.gitSimple Munger 4 months
TCPing.gitTCPing 4 months
TapeLibrary.gitRuby Tape Library DSL 4 months
TapeMachine.gitAn assembler and virtual machine for a Von Neumann tape machine 4 months
TextTransport.gitAndroid App which acts as an SMS to MQTT gateway 4 months
TickleTown.gitTown game in TCL
TimingEvents.gitA thing I'm messing about with. 4 months
VFSM.gitThe Virtual Finite State Machine: Yet another FSM simulator 4 months
audiocache-server.gitGolang server for dropping files at geographic locations 4 months
bin.gitBits from .local/bin that other people might find useful 4 months
byteback.gitA maintenance-free Linux backup solution, using btrfs snapshots 4 months
cdhooks.gitRun scripts to be run automatically around a cd command in BASh 7 weeks
clitool.gitMake CLIs quickly and easily in ruby 4 months
clog.gitPHP blogging software 4 months
commenter.gitHit hash in normal mode in Vim to place or remove a comment character at the sta...4 months
configctl.gitSome kind of command line configurator thing, I think. I dunno. 4 months
contract-examples.gitExamples of Contract programs 4 months
corrupt.gitCorrupt Game 4 months
custodian-syntax.gitVim syntax file and filetype detection for Bytemark's Custodian, previously Sent...4 months
custodian.gitA distributed protocol tester. 4 months
draw.gitA bad drawing program 4 months
eco.gitErlang Eco System 4 months
eradius.gitGarbage RADIUS server
erlbal.gitErlang load balancer 4 months
forward-please.gitForward Please. A Stupid Ideas game.
gist-public.gitPublic Gists
go-become.gitGo Become Server 4 months
gocsvexample.gitExample for gocsv that columns with blank headers don't work 4 months
longboat.gitLongboat is a metric collection system. Intended for Viking, but theoretically g...4 months
looking-glass.gitEasy to deploy Looking Glass 4 months
massuseransible.gitAdd users en-masse to hosts using ansible 4 months
mauvealert.gita messaging system for system and network administrators 4 months
maze.gitMaze generator and A* path finder 4 months
merge.gitSimple Mail Merger 4 months
mov.gitTTA VM 4 months
nasm.gitJust arsing around with x86_64 on linux 4 months
ocml.gitOCML parser 4 months
oxidized.gitconfiguration backup software - silly attempt at rancid 4 months
patter.gitPattern Ruby 4 months
pi-temp-mon.gitRaspberry Pi Temperature Monitor 4 months
planed.gitPlane daemon
plang.gitThe Packet Internet Groper Local Area Network Groper 4 months
rembot.gitErlang IRC Reminder Bot 4 months
rubiks.gitRubiks Cube 4 months
rubydice.gitRuby dice REPL
rubymake.gitRuby Make like thing
sambot.gitErlang IRC dice rolling bot 4 months
servd.gitLightweight low-config no-frills webserver 4 months
sexp.gitRuby S-Expression parser
sshconfig.gitA Ruby DSL for generating SSH configs 4 months
subleq.gitSubleq assembler and emulator 4 months
tba.gitA crappy TBA engine 4 months
thing.gitThings 4 months
traffic-predictor.gitNeural network to try and predict traffic flows 4 months
twofa.gitRuby TOTP/HOTP authenticator 4 months
uoy-viking-raiders.gitUoY Viking raiders for longboat 4 months
virgil.gitVirgil templating 4 months
xjs.gitxkcd json to sqlite 4 months
york-folklore.gitUniversity of York Campus Folklore 4 months